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Stone Paper Notebooks are the future of physical writing, with their incredibly smooth, impossibly white pages, your notes will never look better.

Size Guide

A7   -   2.91 × 4.13 inches

A6   -   4.13 × 5.83 inches

A5   -    5.70 x 8.26 inches

A4   -    8.30 x 11.70 inches

Stone paper is a synthetic paper material made from stone powder and polymer.

It's a highly innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional paper from trees.

It's tear-resistant, waterproof, non-toxic, and naturally white without any poisonous additives.

1. How is it made?

Stone paper uses 80 percent calcium carbonate (from limestone waste) bound together with 20 percent high-density polyethylene plastic.

2. Is it Environmentally Friendly?

Stone paper production doesn't use any trees or water and produces 70 percent less carbon emissions compared to regular paper production.

Production doesn't produce any waste and the paper is highly recyclable in mechanical recycling or incineration.

3. Can Stone Paper be cut?

Stone paper is tear resistant, but it can be cut easily. The key is a small pinch point.

4. Stone Paper contains plastic, does that mean it's worse for the environment?

The key to stone paper's sustainability is the plastic component.

It means poisonous waste can be eliminated and resource efficiency can be optimised.

By replacing paper and pure plastic with stone material, we are actively reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and the overall impact of commodity material industries.

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