the science behind

stone paper

stone paper

what is it?

Stone paper is a synthetic paper material made from stone powder and polymer.

It's a highly innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional paper from trees.

It's tear-resistant, waterproof, non-toxic, and naturally white without any poisonous additives.

stone paper

how is it made?

Stone paper uses 80% calcium carbonate (from limestone waste) bound together with 20% high-density polyethylene plastic.

It's very simple recipe is combined in a pelletizer, melted, and blown into a bubble to be cut into paper.

It's manufacturing method is cutting edge and very different from tree-based paper.

Is stone paper

environmentally friendly?

Stone paper doesn't use any trees or water and produces 70% less carbon emissions when compared to regular paper production.

It doesn't produce any waste and is highly recyclable in mechanical recycling or incineration.

Not only can it replace paper, but it can also replace traditional plastic in many cases.

stone paper

is production expensive?

Stone paper's main component, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) cost 90% less than tree pulp and even less than plastic by weight.

As the calcium carbonate component and machine efficiency increases, stone paper will be the cheapest material on the market.

Currently, stone paper is more or less equal to paper in production cost.

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